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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Monte Verità Conference 2016

Global Change and Biodiversity: Integrating Mechanisms of Interactions, Feedbacks and Scale

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Many key challenges that face humanity are due to the impacts of global change on biodiversity and on the functioning and stability of ecosystems and the natural services that they provide. This conference will discuss state-of-the-art methods and achievements in predicting the consequences of changes in global change drivers for biodiversity, ecosystem services and ultimately for human well-being.

CSF Award for young scientists

CSF Award for young scientists

1.Irene Garonna

Disentangling the relative importance of climatic growth constraints on land surface phenology.

2. Sofia van Moorsel

Epigenetic and genetic factors drive rapid evolution in grassland communities.

3. Aurélie Garnier        

Simpler is better - Predicting effects of multiple environmental changes on community respiration.      

CSF Award Winners


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28 August - 01 September 2016 Program

Global Change and Biodiversity Program and Abstract Book