International Workshop on Spatial Scaling of Earth’s Biodiversity, 15 October 2015

Recent advances in measuring biodiversity at different scales have led to an increasing use of geostatistical methods to model spatially distributed aspects of biodiversity. The aim of this workshop is to bring together "modelers and measurers" for an expert discussion of biodiversity feedbacks from plot to landscape-scale.


13:30 Welcome
Reinhard Furrer, UZH

Furrer.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)

13:40 Introduction to URPP GCB
Michael Schaepman, UZH

Schaepman.pdf (PDF, 20 MB)

14:00 A Fast and Memory-efficient Boosting Implementation for Spatio-
temporal GLMs and GAMs
Torsten Hothorn, UZH

Hothorn.pdf (PDF, 4 MB)

14:45 Break

15:15 Interpolation and extrapolation of plant functional traits -
novel approaches and cautionary tales
Franziska Schrodt, Univ. of Brighton

Schrodt.pdf (PDF, 19 MB)

16:00 Scale dependence in community and ecosystem responses to two
decades of climate manipulation
Jason Fridley, Syracuse Univ., NY

Fridley.pdf (PDF, 4 MB)

16:45 Spatial relationship(s) between climatologies and changes in
global vegetation activity
Michael Schaepman (part I)

SpatialRelation_Schaepman.pdf (PDF, 14 MB)

& Reinhard Furrer (part II)

SpatialRelation_Furrer.pdf (PDF, 494 KB)