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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Almost 2 million square meters of near-natural space has been acquired over the last year and a half as part of Mission B for more biodiversity

Florian Altermatt explains biodiversity is in dire straits, both globally and in Switzerland. The main reason for this is the disappearance of habitats. In response to this loss of biodiversity, SRF launched Mission B in early 2019. Over a year and a half, people from more than two-thirds of all communities have registered more than seven thousand projects. More than five thousand of these were newly created during the term of Mission B. A total of almost two million square meters. A real success or a drop in the ocean?

Many habitats are threatened, for example bogs, wet and dry meadows, but also water bodies are very sensitive ecosystems. In particular, the intensification of use, for example through agriculture or settlement development, pose a great threat. Various species of insects and fish are highly endangered. Switzerland bears a great responsibility for all habitats in subalpine and alpine areas. There too, biodiversity is changing dramatically. This is worrying because the Alps are home to species that are unique in the world.

Florian Altermatt say to face the biggest challenges we have to change our habits. Biodiversity conservation must be included in all social, political and economic decisions. This is not easy, as it affects many aspects. But if we don't address these changes, future generations - our children and grandchildren - will pay a very heavy price.

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