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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

A dedicated forest phenology monitoring network

As of today, this network of phenology-monitoring cameras, Phenocam, is in place and under ongoing development for a certain number of URPP GCB test sites. In the context of the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity, the University of Zurich will contribute to the Phenocam network by installing sevenautonomous Phenocams scattered throughout our study sites, with one hot spare installed on the roof of building Y25, overlooking the Banholzforest next to the Irchel campus.

The hot spare camera (“Phenocam”) installed on the roof of building Y25 (left) and and image acquired on October 30, 2014, using the hot spare camera (right). Note the gray reference panel in the bottom right hand corner (used for calibration). Photos by Benjamin Kellenberger.