Community-wide ecological genomics to monitor environmental responses: drought, phenology and biodiversity effects

 Team members

Kentaro Shimizu

Yuji Tokumoto

Jordi Bascompte

Bernhard Schmid

Michael Schaepman

Samuel Abiven

Michael Schmidt


Our overarching goal is to establish community-wide ecological genomics to study the effect of global changes on biological networks. We will investigate them by integrating high-throughput sequencing data and ecological/geochemistry/remote sensing data. Community responses to drought will be investigated using soil-water control experiment combined with long-term monitoring of gene expression. Climate change effects on the structure and resilience of food webs will be studied using the model species Arabidopsis both in greenhouse and outside environments.


Although there have been some efforts to bridge community ecology and genomics, little is known about the effect of individual genes and plastic gene expression on the community. We will take the advantage of the interdisciplinary setting of the URPP GCB to achieve it.