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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Assessing global change effects on biodiversity and ecosystem multifunctionality across a major river catchment using eDNA and remote sensing.

Project RSeDNA:

Florian Altermatt
Heng Zhang
Rosetta Blackman
Luca Carraro
Reinhard Furrer
Felix Morsdorf
Pascal Niklaus
Michael Schaepman

Aim: Empirically disentangle the effects of global change drivers on biodiversity and ecosystem multifunctionality across the river Thur catchment using existing eDNA and remote sensing data.

Research: We integrate core expertise of the URPP in which we are world-leading namely remote sensing and genomic tools, to assess biodiversity and cross disciplinary boundaries. We will contribute innovation to the development of Essential Biodiversity Variables, providing scalable and unifying biodiversity measures, covering microbes to land-use metrics, expecting high-profile output. We unify scalable (space and time), empirically-based predictors of biodiversity change to assess the scale at which biodiversity-states (microbial richness) are linked to biodiversity-processes (productivity).

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