Policy Engagement


Name Activity Year
Gabriela Schaepman-Strub Delegated by the Swiss Foreign Ministry to represent Switzerland at the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) board meeting. 2019
Maria J. Santos Invited to participate on the expert panel at the Foraus Policy Kitchen on biodiversity. 2019
Gabriela Schaepman-Strub Fostered Arctic biodiversity science and policies at national and international level. As a member of the Science and Technology Advisory Board of the Swiss Polar Institute, she led the development of the biodiversity science pillar, published in the new science plan. 2019
Debra Zuppinger-Dingley Represented and presented the URPP GCB at the International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB). 2019
Florian Altermatt Elected as president of the Swiss Biodiversity Forum (SCNAT), the scientific competence center for biodiversity in Switzerland. 2019
Gabriela Schaepman-Strub Motivated by the EDA and CAFF to represent Switzerland (with it’s new observer status) in the Arctic’s Council biodiversity working group, CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna). CAFF's mandate is to address the conservation of Arctic biodiversity, and to communicate its findings to the governments and residents of the Arctic, helping to promote practices which ensure the sustainability of the Arctic’s living resources. 2018
Cornelia Krug Acted as the resource person on the IPBES task force for data and knowledge. 2018
Florian Altermat Elected vice-president of the Forum Biodiversität Schweiz, Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), which supports biodiversity research and facilitates the co-operation of scientists and policy-makers in the administration department, in politics, economy and society. 2017
Claudia Röösli, Rogier De Jong GlobDiversity was affiliated to the URPP GCB. GlobDiversity is the first large-scale project explicitly designed to develop and engineer RS-enabled EBVs. This project was initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) supports the efforts of the Convention on Biological Diversity CBD, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO-BON). 2017
Sara Petchey, Morana Mihaljević The SNSF Agrora funded URPP GCB outreach project, Biodiversity Means Life, is launched. The goals of the project are to deepen the awareness of the Swiss general public on the subjects of biodiversity, global change, and ecosystem services and to inspire a willingness to act on behalf of conservation of biodiversity. 2017
URPP GCB   The University of Zurich (UZH) hosts the International Project Office of bioDISCOVERY which supports and coordinates global research projects monitoring, assessing, and better understanding and predicting biodiversity change. 2017
Maria Alejandra Parreño, Debra Zuppinger-Dingley Represented and presented the URPP GCB at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Congress. 2016
Sara Petchey, Michael Schaepman SNSF Agora funding grant aimed at public outreach of URPP GCB research. 2016
Gabriela Schaepman-Strub Elected to the Swiss Committee on Polar and High altitude research. The Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude research (a committee of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences) provides the legal body to represent Switzerland in international committees on polar and high altitude research. This was especially important as Switzerland submitted its application to become a permanent observer of the Arctic Council (with one of the working groups on conservation of arctic flora and fauna (CAFF). 2015
URPP GCB and EU BON Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed. The main goal of the EU BON project is to build a substantial European contribution to the “Group on Earth Observations – Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)”.  2014
Pascal Niklaus, Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Michael Schaepman Contributed to the assessment of the use and needs of remote sensing for biodiversity monitoring, and assessed Swiss biodiversity observation monitoring. 2014
URPP GCB Ecosystem Services Working Group (Katherine Horgan, Owen Petchey, Norman Backhaus, Ivan Nikitin, Daniela Braun, Stanislav Ksenofontov, Veruska Muccione) Published an overview of the ecosystem services concept in the journal ‘Hotspot’ of the Swiss Biodiversity Forum. 2014
Michael Schaepman Invitation to present an opening keynote during the 10th Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO-X) and the Ministerial Summit in Geneva. Ten URPP GCB young researchers participated in the summit. 2014
Veruska Muccione Participated in the 2nd IPBES Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation and followed up discussions on the IPBES scoping document of the regional assessments and the stakeholder engagement implementation plan. 2014
Michael Schaepman Selected as a member of the Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO-BON) working group 4, and the FutureEarth Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA). 2014
Owen Petchey Provided a policy contribution to the E-Consultation on Nature-Based Solutions, Improved Risk Mangement and Resilience. 2014
Michael Schaepman Member of ESA Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) and asked to lead a chapter in the new ESA science strategy on the land challenges. 2014