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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

URPP GCB members participate in briefing at Swiss Parliament

URPP Members

URPP GCB members Florian Altermatt, Cornelia Krug and Cengiz Akandil were part of a group of scientists to visit the Swiss Parliament on May 2 to discuss the challenges of the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Authors of the latest IPBES and IPCC report presented latest findings and their relevance for Switzerland, and answered questions. 

Rewatch the whole event in German or in French.

Watch Cornelia Krug's speech on Conserving and promoting Biodiversity in German and in French.

Both videos are on YouTube, where it is possible to get subtitles in virtually any language desired.

Find here the Publication with the most important facts on climate and biodiversity and the importance and urgency for political action (in German, French and Italian)