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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Career and Gender

The URPP on Global Change and Biodiversity places particular emphasis on the career advancement of its junior members.

Career and Equal Opportunities Committee (CEOC)

CEOC's goal is to promote a gender-neutral and diverse culture where all individuals can thrive and be justly acknowledged for their contribution.  

Co-Chairperson: Sofia van Moorsel
Co-Chairperson: Maarten Eppinga
Early-career Representatives: Nathalia Perez Cardenas Cheng Li Simon Landauer
Postdoc Representative: Alizée Le Moigne
Management Representative: Debra Zuppinger-Dingley

Former members: Mollie Chapman(Chairperson, 2017-2022), Samuel Abiven (Chairperson, 2013 -2016),Sarah Mayor(PhD representative, 2018 -2021), Katherine Horgan(PhD repersentative, 2016 -2018),Jennifer Bartmess (PhD repersentative, 2013 -2015),Matthew Barbour (Postdoc representative, 2018-2021),Veruska Muccione (Management Representative, 2013-2015)

Fairness in authorship

Mollie Chapman, Maarten Eppinga, Sarah Mayor, Debra Zuppinger-DIngley

With the number of co-authors increasing, the actual contributions of authors become more variable, blurring the lines between acknowledgement and co-authorship.

While criteria for authorship and lists of contributing tasks can largely be determined at the onset of a research project, the actual research process may lead to differences between foreseen and actual contributions, which highlights the utility of keeping track of team member contributions during the research process.

The Career and Equal Opportunities Committee, with valuable contribution of URPP GCB members, designed a process to ensure fairness in authorship in 2020.


Please download the document here (PDF, 346 KB).


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Past Events

27 October 2022:
CEOC hosted the URPP GCB Informal meeting to introduce the new “S&B” peer BADGER Club.

27 June 2022:
CEOC organized the Diversity, equity, and inclusion in Biodiversity research Workshop at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

30 January 2020:
CEOCosted the URPP GCB Monthly Meet-up
“Tips and Tricks with Drinks and Dips”  CEOC share tips and tricks for all aspects of career and daily workflow.

16 January 2020:
CEOC presented at the URPP GCB PhD-Postdoc meeting