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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Annabelle Constance's research on the Aldabra Atoll was included as an article in the Automation and Digitalization section of Technische Rundschau

Exact accurate data on water levels and salinity are needed to assess the development of mangrove forests in connection with changes in the water levels and salinity. Annabelle Constance and co-workers installed level probes with integrated data loggers in the coastal areas to measure such changes. The Swiss pressure measurement technology manufacturer Keller supplied the twelve loggers for the research project after a detailed analysis of all the requirements for the application and the environmental conditions on site were examined by the companies experts and the research team.
The loggers have been measuring conditions every ten minutes since the end of 2019, providing valuable information for the research program, Annabelle's doctoral study and for the planning of the daily SIF activities at the Aldabra Reserve. In the longer term, the findings from this research will help protect vulnerable ecosystems and limit the damage of climate change. Read more about how they are making their contribution to preserving our common habitat on this planet here (PDF, 13 MB)

Debra Zuppinger-Dingley