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URPP Global Change and Biodiversity

Lunch Meeting Jennifer Bartmess & Leonard Alaza

PhD student Jennifer Bartmess with field assistant Leonard Alaza will give a research update after recent work in Sabah, Malaysia. They will discuss different stakeholders in land allocation and competing ownership claims to the rainforest and its resources. They will focus on the process of acquiring and developing land in order to explain reasons for deforestation and forest degradation. Leonard, who will be the Asia representative for a UN Fellowship with the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in Geneva this summer, will be available to answer questions about indigenous rights issues related to forests, property and politics in Borneo.

Date: 12.06.2014
Room: Y34J02
Duration: 12:00-13:00

Photo: Overlooking a newly planted palm oil plantation on native customary land. Picture by by Leonard Alaza, 2014.